5 Hottest digital marketing trends in 2021

2020 has been the most revolutionary year ever! There was a drastic change in the pattern of living and working, the way of living evolved, & I’m sure that you have adopted those changes in your day-to-day life too. Well, the 5 hottest digital marketing trends are going to take your business and skills to completely next level. And if you are good at those skills you are gonna shine in upcoming years if you worked on improving them.


1. Live video/ video content:

2020 was the time when most of us came out of our comfort zone & made a video call to our family, and friends, to fight the tough times together even with colleagues & bosses just by keeping our cameras off & mic mute!!

You must have made at least one Zoom call in the previous year.

The fact you must need to know is the live video streaming industry has increased by 99% in 2020, brands & small businesses need to be on live video platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook, or youtube live. Even if you aren’t a video person 2020 made you though. You can sharpen your video skills and help businesses to grow, people in today’s era are more interested to connect on emotional terms rather than buying just by looking at product/ service graphics! 

If you love to record videos start working on improvising them.


2. Audio content:

The fact is 40 million Indians are familiar with the podcast.  There is a 60% of growth in podcast listeners since 2018 & it’s still growing. Podcasting will grow into a huge market for advertising, it already begins!

So if you have a craze to record audio and you want people to listen to your voice it’s the right time to kick start your journey. Even though Twitter released a new feature known as audio tweets, people are now more interested in listening to & watching videos & audio. The podcast content-creating applications are already covering up a Vast market, start soon before it’s too late.


3. User-generated content

You trust your friends & family more than you trust any advertisement on television or social media. Right? That’s the reason why user-generated content is gonna take brands to level up their reputation & revenue. 

So if you have the business you are providing products/services start taking video reviews from your clients and make sure to keep it real not reel, the more your customer connects the audience out there the more people will trust you.


4. Branded content:

What exactly are the three things that catch up with the attention of your audience? That is Entertainment!! Entertainment!!  Entertainment!!

Keep the track of latest trends and create one which is related to your business, create a meme because it’s the marketing method of today’s era the formula to this is simple:  deliver a message + in a funny/entertaining way + pitch the client. 

This will make a good number of people follow your account and get you leads if managed and done the task properly.


5. Contest:

Keep your page up with a new contest every week or two that will keep the audience excited to win exciting prizes that will increase the engagement rate, increase brand awareness, and improve sales by implementing fun methods this will also give a reason to people to follow your brand page

Follow these trends and get the best results for your business or your client’s business. Digital marketing is evolving insanely day by day the earlier you start the more knowledge you will be gaining hope these 5 hottest digital marketing trends are helpful to you.


5 hottest Digital marketing trends

  1. Live video/ Video content

  2. Audio content

  3. User-generated content

  4. Branded content

  5. Contest

That’s all you need to do to go viral and get maximum reach on digital platforms. we keep uploading the latest marketing hacks & tricks, make sure you stay in touch to stay updated. Thank you

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