How Digital Marketing Has Changed in 2021?

You might have seen digital marketing influencers/newbies flaunting the results they got for their clients and how much money they made after doing marketing courses. That seems quite fascinating, isn’t it? Let me break the glass of belief you made in your mind

Digital marketing is digital not a theory!!! Digital marketing is a skill that needs to be experimented with. You need to get on the ground, play, fall down, and make your hands dirty by experimenting to find out what works for you.

Digital marketing isn’t an overnight thing, it needs patience and work to be done. There are 67k searches happening every second the competition is huge and there are new websites uploaded every day. And because people now know the importance of digital marketing the number is growing every day!


1. SEO

Search engine optimization is not about overloading the first 100 words with a keyword. It won’t work unless you provide real-quality content. You can use different tools to get the work done in the best way possible. But keep the points in mind before getting started with it.  

  • Keep an eye on analytics and consumer behavior because they keep changing every time.
  • Try out different ways  
  • Google knows everything about you, what you search, what you mail, and which content you consume, and Google knows how other people do all those activities, the important thing is how long your blog can retain your audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience while writing and providing quality content that will help you to solve your audience’s problems. 

Tools you can use for SEO

  • Moz
  • Google Analytics
  • Google search console
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Everywhere


2. Growth of voice search

Alexa how to grow digitally is getting more common than typing. People are switching towards easier ways to get things done. Your marketing strategy should be created in such a way that it matches new types of searching ways.

Developing strategies and working, in the same way, will keep you ahead of the competition.


3. Visual searches

Yes, Google Lens is taking over the market like crazy which means the alt tag is a must when you are putting out the content.

 the earlier you turn your website and content visually appealing you will stay ahead in the competition. As per the reports, many people shifted to video content instead of reading because the video is visually appealing, more understandable, and easier for consuming content.



Smart marketers will keep their voice and visual SEO updated. While creating the content as per the audience’s needs and preferences. The best way to stay ahead will be-

  1. stay updated with trends and algorithm updates
  2. Create audio content as well as video content.
  3. Create podcast 
  4. Create a strategy and apply it in such a way that coordinates with Alexa searches
  5. Convert the website to a more visually appealing  

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