Digital Marketing career options for beginners

Hii there, in this article I have shared some of the amazing Digital Marketing career options for beginners. And if you are one of the beginners you are in the right place.

The digital world is growing insanely every day and the opportunities as well, people are now getting aware of digital marketing and almost every business wants to be there on digital platforms from the general store to the well-known brand, and by the time people are getting aware of the requirement of digital marketers is also increasing day by day below are amazing career options for you to start your career in digital marketing.


Blogging is one of the ways to start your career in digital marketing being a blogger your work is to write a creative blog, sharing tips and tricks that means giving solutions to your readers, your blog needs to be interactive and catchy so that readers should be waiting for your blog, blogging doesn’t only mean to write edit and post, blogging includes many other factors like increasing sales, working on SEO, Co-ordinating with the sales team.  You can also start just by creating your own blog and linking it with affiliate marketing,  freelancing, copywriting, and content writing is some of the best ways to start.


Social media marketer

Do you remember the last time you sat in front of T.V for long hours? No right because now you get every content in one click. In this era, Everyone wants to be famous on social media and wants to get their content viral. The same goes for firms and businesses. People are shifting their tastes and preferences from television to applications like Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter, etc the job of social media marketing is to create brand awareness about the product/ service by creating relatable and trending content and you can drive traffic to the website/ shop by doing so.

You can start by creating your professional accounts on social media platforms and start sharing the information, you can contact local brands, shops, gyms, and owners and ask them if you will do it for free for 15 days and if they like the service you will charge so and so  amount, I hope this will help


SEO Specialist

SEO (Search engine optimization) specialist is the main pillar of the company’s online presence. The main job is to rank a website on the best relatable keywords. Keep updating the content of trending topics in your niche. Ultimately drive more & more traffic to the website. An SEO specialist can’t keep using the same strategies forever because Google is getting smart every day and hence it’s changing the credibility of the websites to rank. 

SEO specialists have to keep him upgraded with the latest updates and the same with the strategies. Few are the few skill sets every SEO specialist understands.

  1. Importance of backlinks
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO
  4. Pay-per-click marketing
  5. Content strategizing
  6. The value provided by social media 

The day SEO specialist consists of all those skill sets mentioned above, SEO specialists must have always a learning attitude.


Email marketer

You can start by sharing pdf, and ebooks with your website visitors in exchange for their email IDs, and you can use the same for pitching your product through email. An email marketer’s job is to collect more and more leads and pitch the same by writing email copy, Analysing data, replying to emails, generating revenue through email sales, content creation, etc.


Content Creator

Content writing jobs include writing content for a company and creating clear marketing copy for the advertisement. Co-ordinating with the marketing and designing team to illustrate the articles and post content on the website blog, and social media also creating engaging and SEO-reliable content. keyword research, proofreading submitting articles are all tasks to be done as a content writer.


YouTube Manager

Being a YouTube manager you have to strategize the channel’s content by uploading youtube videos and making proper use of SEO, engaging with the audience on a daily basis. Managing copyright assets and analyzing daily reports. Collaborating and managing with partners are all the tasks with come under the job of the youtube manager.


Website developer

Create websites with a modern outlook co-ordinating with clients and companies, A website designer or developer must have a good sense of graphics, the ability to understand client’s requirements,  Monitor websites troubleshoot the problem, and stay up to date with technology.



Podcasting is an evolving career The day-to-day task of the podcaster includes creating content for podcasts one can share knowledge on a particular niche or can collaborate and arrange the interview of the leaders in the niche.

You can work as a virtual assistant also in all the jobs mentioned above. I hope this blog has cleared your many doubts, Now you know everything that are you waiting for get started with your career, and if you want to learn digital marketing,  you are just a click away, Good luck!


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