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The Google AdWords Certification is an approval from Google that displays your knowledge about the latest advertisement tools and practices as well as your ability to manage the ad campaigns effectively. This certificate is globally recognized and can help you to get positioned in a good company or even become a freelancer.  

There are two ads certification exams that you need to pass – one the ads Fundamentals exam and one of these: Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising.  

SEM or paid search is a different form of advertisement. It is the promotion of your brand via paid advertising. In this model, the businesses pay to display their ads on the search engines. This helps them to generate leads, gain visibility, promotion and earn profits in a short span of time. It helps in measuring the marketing efforts with the help of advanced tools. In this, you get to study PPC and ads in detail. Paid advertising on Google has become popular today. This ad model is based on keywords and is effective in generating leads. Google ads are displayed above Google search results. For making your digital marketing campaign successful, you need to run Google Ads.  We offer various digital marketing courses in Nashik which also include training on Google AdWords including detailed knowledge of brand promotion via paid advertising.

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