Impacts of Digital Marketing during the lockdown

Covid-19 the Era of the digital revolution. this span of time has changed mindset, working ideology, and  a lot many things you can also say it as a digital transformation below is the content which will help you to understand the what, why of change in numerical terms

Coronavirus had brought companies, small businesses, homemakers, and almost everyone’s attention towards digitalization of day to day task, there was a massive increase in the number of people shifted to buy from online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and google.

In the 90s internet revolution, some of the very unique companies were evolved like amazon, Flipkart, & Facebook, etc. These are one of those companies that suffered at least during this pandemic. people started buying online instead of local stores. Companies started shifting from office to work from home. Not only this but the greatest events of the years are also shifted on an online platform

Local businesses shifted to online platforms also started providing home deliveries yes, same as Amazon and Flipkart.

YouTube watch time has been increased by 20.5%  approximately during the first 40 days of lockdown. Whereas messaging on Facebook, Instagram, &  Whatsapp is increased by 50%. Many small businesses started pitching clients through these social media platforms.

And the people who lost a job during the lockdown started searching for online jobs and work from a job there was an aggregate 45% increase in search for this keyword.

During this span of time companies have understood the importance of digital marketing and change is always great and this situation has taught us the importance of online and that has actually made work really easy and even many companies found easy alternative.

I hope this information has helped you to understand the impact of Covid crises in the digital world.       

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