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Hi there, you have searched a lot about marketing and digital marketing and finally, you landed on this page. Well In this blog post I have explained all about marketing and digital marketing and I hope all your doubts get clear by the time you end up reading this blog so let’s get started.

What is marketing?

A big hoarding nearby signal, sharing pamphlets, convincing clients, that’s it? The answer is a big no marketing doesn’t mean just selling marketing means building a relationship with your customer, adding value to their life by sharing quality products and service, make their life easy and of course this all will bring.

The father of marketing says “Over the past 60 years, marketing has moved from being product-centric (Marketing 1.0) to being consumer-centric (Marketing 2.0).

Today we see marketing as transforming once again in response to the new dynamics in the environment. We see companies expanding their focus from products to consumers to humankind issues. Marketing 3.0 is the stage when companies shift from consumer-centricity to human-centricity and where profitability is balanced with corporate responsibility.”

Phillip Kotler

So if you are fresher/ Expert /Intermediate your marketing strategy must be consumer-centric.

Now let’s know the types of marketing 

There are majorly 2 types of marketing


2.Digital Marketing 

As technology is overtaking human work the ways of advertising is changed accordingly traditional marketing is being undervalued by marketers for the past few years and now even more after this pandemic. Traditional marketing includes Magazines, newspapers, television, billboards, hoardings, radio, and pamphlets. The advertisement you see on television creates a great impact on the consumer’s mind.  But it is way more costly you must have a good amount of spending capacity when running a traditional ad campaign. And even after spending a huge amount, it,s very difficult to find out the ROI of it. Also, you can’t get directly interacted with the consumer. 

Digital Marketing: Today a huge number population has phones, especially youngsters by the time the addiction of smartphone had grown so much that now its been difficult to spend a day without mobile and here the advertisement shifted to the Digital marketing it includes advertisement through online platforms like websites, Social media, Emails, search engine marketing, etc while running a campaign on digital platforms it has multiple ways in simple words it’s a 360° marketing platform you can share Content in many forms like text, audio, video,&  graphic. Digital marketing also allows you to target people of your niche also it allows you to select people whose interests match your products. But, Sometimes it becomes annoying when you see the same ad multiple times for a product you  randomly searched  a day before

No, doubt the more creative your ad will have the more engagement you will get the best thing is even if you are a beginner and have a low budget you can run ads. In digital marketing, it’s easy to calculate ROI ( Return on Investment ) as compared to traditional marketing. If you are reading till this you would be thinking that digital marketing is really amazing and it has a great scope well you are thinking right. Every day there is something new in the world of digital marketing it is very dynamic so what about a career in digital marketing the next paragraph is all about a career in digital marketing.

A career in digital marketing

Digital Marketing is an amazing career option you will never get bored of this there is something new to learn every day if you are passionate about a lifetime learning career than digital marketing is for you. If you are a student, teacher, employee, professional then digital marketing is a good fit for you. No, I don’t mean digital marketing is easy but if you are passionate then it’s not even hard. In digital marketing, it helps you to grow a passive source of income I don’t mean money without hard work you definitely have to do that. Nowadays every business wants to be on online platforms and after pandemic businesses are valuing it way more than before.

Digital marketing has a great scope ahead after learning digital marketing you have multiple options like being a freelancer you can start working from your comfort zone, Grow your own business, use digital marketing for your niche,  do a job as a digital marketing executive, and many other ways. Below are some job positions of digital marketers but it is not limited to it.

  1. Online content developer
  2. SEO Expert
  3. Virtual assistance
  4. Social media marketer
  5. Professional blogger
  6. Web designer 
  7. YouTuber
  8. Content Creator


Digital marketing is a good career choice and it will help you in almost every profession & business.

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