ROI of Digital Marketing

 Being a fresher digital marketer you joined a company you been working on multiple projects campaigns its few months passed and now your boss is asking you about What is the ROI? Well don’t worry here we have an answer for you

ROI ( Return on investment) Whenever you invest in a product or service the utmost you ask is what will I get in return after doing a particular investment. The same goes for digital marketing when you or your client/boss invest the same question arises what will be the ROI?

A few years back when traditional marketing was in a boom it was very difficult to find out the ROI of marketing because it’s been done through the newspaper, Television ads, pamphlets,  hoardings & radio are well-known platforms of traditional marketing its difficult to find out how many people have taken action after watching tv/ listening radio/ reading pamphlet.

Well, here Digital Marketing is the solution. When a client/ company invests in advertising digitally, It’s easier than traditional marketing to find out ROI.

What is a good ROI?

The good ROI of marketing is not the one that delivers a great message/ story/ advice the great marketing is one which actually improves the sales ratio brings customers to the door and of course creates amazing brand awareness.

So how you can boost up your organization’s ROI?

Here are 5 key factors to help you with boosting up ROI. Well, here you only need to apply the SMART rule. Now let’s see how you can do it.

Specific: Be specific about your goals in terms of running ads keep your target specific and not vague this will help you to analyze things properly.

Measurable: Goals must be measurable you must be able to measure them so it shouldn’t go in the way that you are not able to measure.

Achievable: Setting realistic goals is what required you cannot expect to build a Rome in a day definitely it’s gonna take time so be realistic.

Relevant: you can’t run an ad about brand awareness and expect numbers of call, as mentioned above you need to be specific, measurable, Achievable, and Relevant.

Time-bound:- The goal without time limits is just a dream working as per time limits helps to achieve success

The best ROI ratio is 5:1 this means spending 1 rupee and earning rupee 5 per sale this ratio is considered the best whereas 10:1 is high and a bit tough to achieve.

CONCLUSION: Remember achieving target depends on multiple factors which include industry, cost factors working consistently without setting unrealistic goals keeping eye on data analytics keep track of work and strategies you are applying, and results of the same. I hope this blog is helpful for you to increase the ROI of digital marketing.

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