Personal Branding & A Journey In Digital Marketing

Personal branding is a part of digital marketing and not the whole of digital marketing.Branding is the truth, ethics & craftsmanship. It is a stamp, person, and a logo .

Marketing is how you make people aware about who you are or what product do you have, that is spreading awareness.

And digital marketing is a process by which you make people aware about yourself. With the help of digital marketing you get the opportunity to connect with people all over the world . and share your knowledge with people over the time this will help to gain trust of the audience which will later get converted into clients.

As you develop as a brand doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell products other than your services. But personal branding will help you to sell more products other than your services.

In this blog i have shared tips to learn personal branding & how you can apply it so that it will help you to grow digitally



  • Personal branding simply  means influencing people around you i.e marketing yourself  
  • Personal branding is Building yourself in such a manner which leaves a great impact on people who come in contact with you .
  • Nowadays it became essential to build a personal brand because it shows your next customer what he can expect from you

For  example :- there are people with professions like Doctors, teachers, CA’S, Marketers but not everyone of them are not famous very few of them are at the top of their field and providing best value to their customers.

It can differ from person to person because everyone has different goals and personal branding will have a different impact on everyone . the main benefits of having it include the following

  • Recognition , fame
  • High value in niche marketing 
  • Steadily getting client because of being famous
  • Great reputation.


  1. The skill you have is this the one thing people want to learn in the current era ? 

Here is the most important question you should ask yourself, because the content you will be sharing will totally depend on the skills you have so make sure you have something your audience wants to learn . 

  1. How are you different ? 

It is always said in no. of quotes BE YOU, BE UNIQUE,BE YOURSELF, of course it is not a false statement .even though you share a job title with thousand other people in world , but everytime there is a unique flair you bring out through your work. check have you practised any skill of your field which is rare , & which brings extra value to your follower or customers .

3. why you do ? what you do ?

What is the reason behind the work you are doing? Do you really love what you are doing & will it help you

 audience to grow themselves & what if you do not pursue your goal will you feel regret? Is your goal to educate people about your skills? if you found the why behind working to achieve your goal no one can stop you.

Let’s move ahead


One thing that I want to make clear is personal branding is not something that will happen in a day so don’t expect quick results but i can guarantee that by practicing habits mentioned below will definitely give you the results over the period of time .

Before starting to apply chart here are few things you must now 

  1. Maintain social life gently don’t post anything which will affect you negatively in future
  2. Find your audience :- search for people of your niche on social media, attend the seminars and webinars which are available for free on multiple sites . define your audience be very particular that you must know 
  3. Keep giving content to your followers :- it’s very important to provide the value to your followers that is where you need to build connections . and don’t underestimate the power of consistency
  4.  Genuinely care for people 

To build a personal brand here is the chart for you which will help you to build a personal brand.



  1. Search :- Search what is going around the world related to your niche, the information you have and where you need to improve. What your competitor is providing the stuff , what are the strategies people of your niche are following, be aware of your niche


     2. Create :-

  •  create a content as per your niche that  one field you are expert in or you have a good knowledge about that field .
  • You can create content by sharing your story, for example your failure in the beginning of your journey, how you overcame your failure, how you turned your failure into success . 
  • Inshort share the mistakes you made and give solutions to people on how to avoid making mistakes you did . 
  • Your content could be in text/ video/ audio/ image you can choose accordingly.your content defines your PR .also content is a king make sure that your are doing best at your medium of content


3. Connect :- Connect with people by sharing your story where you faced ups and downs let people feel that you are also similar to them and you are not successful since you were born. Make them trust you that you have gone through sufferings & struggles . which now they are facing & you can help them to become successful.


4. Express :-

Once you have that connection now it’s time to express yourself, teach them and share your views on the skills you have . now this time you have to connect with your clients also who will be paying you for their sales to increase 

Build a trust among your clients so they will feel free to work with you.


5.progress:- once you start influencing people around you doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn the things are totally different  .

As an influencer you need to be very quick to upgrade yourself with new things in the market, so keep learning.

And always improve the quality of service you are providing . This will make you stand out differently in the public .


6.Celebrate :- There might be times when you fail but failure is the first step to success so don’t forget to always celebrate because you have added value to someone’s life and you did the best possible thing you know . 

NOTE :- Don’t try to be someone who you are not , coping others is the biggest mistake you will make.  doing things according to your perspective and not of others at lastly be yourself.

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